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AC2 Beta21 released!

Hi all,


releasing AC2 Beta21 with follow changes:


- New: Proprietary HTTP server is replaced by Jetty embedded HTTP server
- New: Firmware folder can be specified by setting 'server.firmware_folder' property in file
- New: Task logs are stored in database instead of logs directory


- Fix: Can not connect to server after username change
- Fix: Can not tag configuration
- Fix: Installer kills other java processes running on the same host
- Fix: Device offline status do not change after successful reconnect
- Fix: Can not download configuration if device is offline
- Fix: Automation rule and template synchronization problem
- Fix: Unexpected alerts after server restart when automation rule uses uptime checks




Client upgrade for v2.0-Beta21 is mandatory and client will not be compatible with older version AC2 servers.



Starting with v2.0-Beta19 release we are using PostgreSQL as our database back-end. We chose PostgreSQL for its known stability, compatibility and available management tools. It should resolve issues AC2 users had with previous database implementation.


For simplified installation we provide a bundled version of PostgreSQL together with AC2 installer and guide through configuration process. You can also choose to use PostgreSQL installation you already have. We support PostgreSQL 9.4 and up.



Note that currently installer stops any running java processes during installation. So if you are running other java services on the same host they will be shutdown.


Upgrading from previous versions

Beta21 supports upgrade from Beta11 or later. But we strongly recommend upgrading to Beta18 first.

Upgrade procedure is available from installer but can also be run later using shell script run_migration. AC2 server will not start if migration is pending. No data will be removed automatically during or after migration is done. Old database directory will be move to backup and can be removed manually by user. Make sure that you have enough free disk space for new database. Resulting database will be about half the size of old database. So make sure you have at least 100% more free space than you db directory currently is occupying.


32 bit and 64 bit installers

We provide different installers for 32 and 64 bit java. Make sure you have a correct version of Java installed.

If you get errors like java.exe is damaged on windows it is very likely that you are using incorrect version of java.


Desktop client upgrade

Desktop client upgrade using installer is strongly recommended.


Disk space requirements for server

Data compression used by PostgreSQL allowed us to reduce disk usage up to 50% of original data files size. However if you are upgrading, make sure that your free disk space amount is at least the size of current db.


Windows and antivirus service

You might need to disable your antivirus if you are having problems installing AC2 on Microsoft Windows.


Manually setting up PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL 9.4 or later ir required. We strongly recommend using latest version of PostgreSQL.

You only need to create new database and create database user with write permissions. Database schema will be initialized by AC2 automatically.

You should provide db settings during installation. Later you can edit file to modify any database connection properties manually.


Running run_migration script

The script must be started with following parameters: <number of months|all>, 'airControl2Server'. First parameter tells how many months in the past migration process should look for statistics data to migrate. If 'all' or 0 option is specified, all statistics data will be migrated. Second parameter is name of AirControl2 service that must be started after migration finished. Script usage examples:

run_migration all airControl2Server - migrates all statistics data;

run_migration 6 airControl2Server - migrates last 6 months of statistics data.



Windows Server/Client installer 64bit: aircontrol-v2.0-beta21.1852.160506.1716-win64.exe

Windows Server/Client installer 32bit: aircontrol-v2.0-beta21.1852.160506.1716-win32.exe


Linux Server/Client installer 64bit: aircontrol-v2.0-beta21.1852.160506.1716-unix64.bin

Linux Server/Client installer 32bit: aircontrol-v2.0-beta21.1852.160506.1716-unix32.bin


Mac OS Client installer: aircontrol-v2.0-beta21.1852.160506.1716-mac.dmg


Enjoy using it and please report new problems or usability change requests in separate threads.