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Add GPS status Variable

Any chance of adding a GPS Status variable to Aircontrol?  I could then use that to setup an alert in Aircontrol for if an AP has GPS fix or not.  This is very important information for APs that are doing fixed-frame GPS sync.  If one AP loses GPS sync then it has the potential to cause performance issues with other Synced APs on the same or overlapping channels.


I can check it currently using SNMP and the latest Airmax MIB, but it would be nice to have in Aircontrol as well.

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Re: Add GPS status Variable

+1, I need an alert asap if GPS sync is lost... I am actually accidentally stumbling on a few here and there that have lost their signal.

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Re: Add GPS status Variable

afaik GPS snyc / TDD framing mode isn't reported by AC2 agent and also can't be configured without device WebGUI / cfg file. So it would need updates in airOS first before it could be monitored in AC2.
Even UNMS mobile App can't handle radios with fixed framing. Man Sad
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