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Alerts for LAN Interface changes

Hey Guys, thanks for helping out earlier with our alerts, we apreciate it and it seems to be working good and it's actually very nice to have. Wish I would of looked into it earlier. 



Had a question with the Rule Tasks... 

I assume the Reboot Task reboots the radio and the Start monitoring Device Task starts monitoring, etc.. is there any plans to have one to Acknowledge Alert?


The reason I ask is I am trying to set up a repeating Rule(s) that allow me to see interfaces dropping and staying down or interfaces that are constantly dropping in hoping it would give us an edge in our support. As far as I know, the rule wont repeat without it being acknowledged, but once acknowledged it fires out the rule again and sends out that email so I cant tell if there's a link flapping somewhere or not. 


Unless someone knows another way or something I missed when messing around with this. 


Thanks in Advance!