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Help us make airControl better or How to report a problem

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When creating a problem report for airControl, please provide following information (as complete as possible) to help us resolve these problems and reduce troubleshooting time.


General information:

(For problems like: can't connect to server / can't start server / can't start client / error... / etc.):


  • airControl version
  • Server OS
  • Client OS
  • Java version (server and client side)
  • Is it a fresh install or upgrade from older airControl version? From which version it was upgraded?
  • Error message / screen-shot if present

Attach these files:

  • Server log file
  • Client log file
  • Diagnostic page output (http://server_IP:9081/diag) 

Logs are located in:

Linux: /var/log/aircontrol2/server*.log

Windows server: C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2\logs

Windows client : C:\Users\<username>\.AirControl2\logs


Additionally for problems related to specific devices:

(For problems like: Can't add new device / can't monitor devices / can't configure devices / devices is "offline"):


- Device model

- Device firmware version

- Topology description:

  Server behind router / firewall?

  Firewall / port forward on device?
  Routed network?

- Attach files: Device configuration file, Device properties screen shot

- Run commands when connected to device using ssh and attach output:
      mca-ctrl -t status


If you do not want to post sensitive information to forums, please send it to with link to post.


More useful info is here