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Installing airControl on CRM Point



Starting with airControl 2.1 Beta5 we provide firmware for CRM Point product that will replace current U-CRM software with airControl v2.1.


IMPORTANT! Firmware upgrade will wipe all user data from CRM Point and it is not reversible, that means you can not reset the device back to U-CRM software after the upgrade.


After upgrade you can access airControl web using default SSL port (443) and login using default credentials ubnt/ubnt. On the first login you will be able to create a new account.


To access SSH shell of CRM Point login with user root and password that you entered when creating new account.


If CRM Point is already modified to use AC2, then you can upgrade to the latest firmware by copying firmware files to device using SSH. And after that execute this command using SSH shell:

/sbin/ubnt-systool fwupdate /root/CRM.mtk7623.v0.6.0.a670e69M.170615.0748.bin

Further software updates will require only debian package install and will be automated.




CRM Point firmware: CRM.mtk7623.v0.6.0.a670e69M.170615.0748.bin

Debian installer for CRM Point: aircontrol_v2.1-Beta7-170804-1555_all.deb 


IMPORTANT! Do not forget to update software. Both Web and Desktop client should show notification when new airControl version is available.



Enjoy using and please report new problems or usability change requests in separate threads.