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Re: Lite AP GPS Support

I finally got this unit added and monitored, but there were some issues. The unit is on a public IP address with non-standard ports. In AC2 topology it is connected to another unit that is also on a public IP address but using standard ports. I had to change this to say it was connected to the AC2 server in the topology. These units also have different passwords than all others. 

All other units on public IP addresses (AC2 is located on a private IP address inside my system) require the ‘Override AC2 Address' to be checked with the public IP address of my edge router listed.
I could not get AC2 to manually add the unit without unchecking the  ‘Override AC2 Address’ - once added, I could not get it to start monitoring the unit until I rechecked  ‘Override AC2 Address’. 
I have emailed you the section of log generated during this. It had some odd errors that may make sense to you. Again, I can give you direct access if needed.
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