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Manual Discovery issue

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We usually discover our devices manually, as we have ALL discovery turned off on our network for security issues.


Been noticing that any newer devices, such as NBE gen2 will not manual discover against the AP (which is it's normal gateway).


It comes up as error (SSH failed)


We have to first go into the site router, establish a DST-NAT directly to the CPE radio unit, manually discover it with that Internet IP address, then "Start monitoring", then go back into properties, put in the private IP address that is under the AP, select the proper "Topology branch" under that AP, enter it, and then all works well after that.


Seems that the AP's Gateway SSH is not being accessed as the initial way to manually discover these ?


AC2 firmware is 2.1.1beta




*** UPDATE ***


This seems to fail on any device that we are trying to manually discover.  Please note that we are also not using standard SSH port numbers !