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airControl 2.1.1 Beta2 released!

Hi all,


I'm pleased to announce airControl 2.1.1 Beta2


IMPORTANT! Make sure you read these release notes before posting any new issues to the forum!


We highly recommend Chrome Web Browser for Web Client.




Java requirements

Important! Starting from v2.1 beta the minimum supported Java version is 8.

We bundle Java 8 runtime with Windows and Mac OS X installs. For Linux Java must be upgraded manually.


The default port for Web Client is 9082. If you type http://<server address>:9081 url into browser, you will be always redirected to secure connection on port 9082(or other configured port). We support only SSL/TLS protocol.


To change the port used by Web Client you must modify property in file or change Server Settings > HTTPS Port setting in using Desktop Client or Web Client. Normally installer should update this property to 9082. Please check your file to see if was updated. If not, change it to 9082 or other value to avoid conflicts with existing applications and restart server.

32 bit and 64 bit installers
We provide different installers for 32 and 64 bit versions Java. Make sure you choose the same architecture installer as Java version installed on your system. If you get errors like java.exe is damaged on Microsoft Windows it is very likely that you are using incorrect version of java.


Microsoft Windows and antivirus service
You might need to disable your antivirus if you are having problems installing airControl on Microsoft Windows.


Manually setting up PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 9.4 or later is required. We strongly recommend using latest version of PostgreSQL.
You only need to create a new database and create database user with write permissions, database schema will be initialized by airControl automatically.

You should provide database settings during installation. Later you can edit file to modify any database connection properties manually.




We support upgrade from v2.0 GA and later. And make sure you make a backup before upgrading.




If you upgrade Desktop Client using installer and it complains about not supported version you should uninstall client software first.


Downgrade to older versions is not supported.





Java 9
Currently there are some compatiblity issues with Java 9 and Desktop Client might render incorrectly. Server and Web Client should work as expected. So if you experience issues with Desktop Client, you should use Java 8 instead.

* Some MacOS X clients might experience graphical issues. Try adding -DenableTextureCoordFix to airControl2Client.vmoptions in client installation root.


* Postgres user password can not contain single and double quote characters (' and ").


REST API documentation:
You can access documentation using following url https://localhost:9082/api/v1/documentation/
Accessing documentation does not require authentication, but executing a query will require user to be logged in.




[2.1.1 Beta2] - 2018.12.31


### Added
- Add device support for LiteAP GPS, LiteBeam 5AC LR, Bullet AC IP67
- Added reporting of UNMS Status
- Added "Add to UNMS" feature for Desktop Client


### Fixed
- Unable to delete old tasks using cleanDB utility
- Web Client: discovery hangs on requesting authentication credentials
- Server sometimes fails to start after running discovery
- Some previously removed discovered devices are not discovered again
- Relocate does not work for Desktop Client
- Unable to save automation rule


### Changed
- Increase text input max character size for Desktop Client




IMPORTANT! Always read release notes and make sure you follow instructions before posting new issues to the forum!


Windows Server/Client installer 64bit: aircontrol-v2.1.1-beta2-win64.exe
Windows Server/Client installer 32bit: aircontrol-v2.1.1-beta2-win32.exe
Linux Server/Client installer 64bit: aircontrol-v2.1.1-beta2-unix64.bin
Linux Server/Client installer 32bit: aircontrol-v2.1.1-beta2-unix32.bin
Mac OS Client installer: aircontrol-v2.1.1-beta2-mac.dmg

Debian installer for CRM Point: aircontrol_v2.1.1-beta2_all.deb 


Enjoy using and please report new problems or usability change requests in separate threads.