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5G Radio Dead

I recently purchased two Aircube AC's to accompany my ERL3. Love the design! I choose going this route rather than purchasing the Google WiFi solution. Aricube has a better price point by a couple of dollars and a better look IMO. Man Wink


Anyway, got them both hooked up after a little futzing around. Wasn't able to use the app because it kept crashing. This could have easliy been because of my old Motorola phone though. Went through the web UI and attemped to update the firmware on both. The first one updated without a hitch. The second one however, bricked during the firmware update and I had to restore using the TFTP solution.


I was finally able to get the latest firmware on the second unit and everything seemed fine. Until, my kids started complaining that they were losing Overwatch comps because the wifi sucked. Now they are whiney but they weren't to far off. For some reason, the 5G radio on the second Aircube died or was dying. In the App you couldn't even seen the 5G properties and several reboots and a reflash of the firmware didn't help.


I have since RMA'd Amazon for a refund and repurchased a new unit.


Was the failure to upgrade the firmware an indication of problems with the Aircube? Has anyone else experinced this problem?

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Re: 5G Radio Dead

Do you know if the ACBs 5GHz radio was set to Auto or a specific channel?

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Re: 5G Radio Dead

Hey James,


Yes, and that was the problem. Setting the radio to the last option in the 5G range killed the radio. I had it set to 5825 at 40 Mhz and the radio would not let anyone connect. Setting the radio to 5805 corrected the issue.


This was confirmed on both the unit I was returning and the unit that was delivered yesterday.


Using firmware version v2.4.0.cb22320.180904.1044

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Re: 5G Radio Dead

Thanks for the info and glad you got this working.