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AirCube Wifi Issues

I saw a post about people having wifi issues, and a UBNT worker locked it on 9/8 and said he would unlock it once he had more info. Its been 2 Months!! I have a customer thats called me the last 3 days in a row because her wifi keeps disassociating with the clients now every night. What is a workaround thats been working for anyone else besides a site visit to swap out the router?? And UBNT, do you have an update on this issue or are we just screwed?? I can't be having our wisp do site visits for silly router issues. We need a fix and an answer. We just ordered 30 more AirCubes from the UBNT online store, but now I don't dare deploy them if they're going to spurattically act up like this. What are we supposed to do?

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Re: AirCube Wifi Issues

[ Edited ] indicates they have now managed to reproduce at least some of the reported issues.