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AirCube and UNMS wishlist



Some notes after deploying a bunch of AirCubes for FTTH use using UNMS.


UNMS v0.13.0

Works well, but the concept of "Clients" is strange. I get that somebody connected to the wifi is a client, but the other type of "client" is confusing and useless. Just have sites and devices - keep the word "client" for wifi connected device.
I can't seem to switch from using Google Maps back to Openstreetmap, I get the error: "Credentials Needed"


I'd love to be able to see a list of all devices and their latest speed tests (to some server I configure).


AirCube OS wishlist:


IPv6 (urgent!)

Multiple SSIDs per radio

Speed testing (iperf3 UDP test) - ideally to two iperf3 servers, and be able to configure the intervals. Two would be useful, because one tests the fibre, one tests the internet quality.


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Re: AirCube and UNMS wishlist

Thanks for the feedback.