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AirCube in Bridge mode

I'm about to take the plung and order an aircube ISP to test for my current setup/need but before I did I wanted to know if my ideal will work.


I currently have 2 G3 cameras connected to an air gateway setup in Station mode thats wirelessly sending my video feeds to my AP than to my NVR.

My ideal from what I played around in the Aircube demo was I can set the wireless to bridge mode and than connect my cameras to the aircube (AC) and have it wirelessly send my video feeds to my NVR like it did with my airgateway.


From my understanding bridge mode lets you connect wired devices wirelessly to another wired network without having to run a cable to connect them.  Is my thought process correct or do I need to look into some other device.  


I'm looking at the ISP model just to play around with for the time being.  If I can't use it for what I want I'll return it.

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Re: AirCube in Bridge mode

Sounds like you need WiFi client mode, which is not (yet) available in airCube OS.