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Edit AirCube cfg file

I have found the AirCubes perfect routers for residential customers that do not need large technical requirements or special configurations. I use the ACs, which also have POE out in the wan and bring adapted AC / DC, which greatly simplifies the scheme of how things connect to users very little used to technology, which is usually 90% of My clients.

However, when installing, we are used to dump a generic configuration file that makes things work instantly. However, there are features in the configuration such as SSID and passwords that we never change, as well as other configurations that are specific to the client.

On AirMax devices, editing the cfg file with a notepad allows you to modify everything easily. The lines that we want to remain by default are eliminated, we move at the beginning the configurations that the technician has to change and after a comment we leave all the common configurations.

Is there any way to edit the cfg file of our AirCubes? It would be wonderful to be able to do the same.

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Re: Edit AirCube cfg file

It's not available at this time.

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