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  1. TFTP recovery
  2. Setup airCube when QR sticker is corrupted or lost


TFTP recovery


1. Push reset button and hold while powering unit
2. LED panel should blink fast several times { Still hold reset button }
3. LED panel should light-off { Still hold reset button }
4. Release reset button when device's LED panel starts blinking slowly three times.
5. Device is in TFTP recovery mode.
6. Upload firmware to the device.



Setup airCube when QR sticker is corrupted or lost


Lost your QR sticker or it is corrupted? Starting firmware 2.0.1 it is not a problem anymore


Setting up device for the first time (including when it is reset to factory defaults) - the first boot screen will appear with link "Cannot read QR code".

If your QR sticker is corrupted (or you just don't want to read and input text from QR sticker) - you can just press this link and shortly press reset button - then you have a few minutes to set a custom new password.


first_login_screen.pngFirst boot screen


reset_step_1.pngPassword reset (still need reset button short press)

reset_step_2.pngSetting up new password