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Monitor AirCube ISP only status with UNMS

I have a lot of customers who unfortuantly don't have UBNT gear for their ISP connection but I have installed AC-ISP in their homes and need to monitor with UNMS.


I'm kinda new to UNMS and maybe I'm overlooking it but as I see it UNMS really needs a CPE to monitor if the customer is down or up on the MAP view. I'm also not sure of exactly how to configure so I can get alerts if an AC looses Internet via their ISP.


Basically what I did for customers who don't have UBNT gear for Internet is I created a site by city. I then assigned individual customers to that site. I did this to help me organize them a little better. Anyone got any suggestions?

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Re: Monitor AirCube ISP only status with UNMS

This should work fine with UNMS. Just put the UNMS key in the devices before you send them out. Make sure it links up in your testing...