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Unable to configure AirCubes with app or web browser

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I have 70 AirCubes already deployed in the field, have just purchased another 20, the first two I try to configure were new and from sealed UBNT boxes.


I can connect via UNMS App (on iPhone) - Cube is running firmware 2.0.1 ACB - if I try to upgrade firmware via the app there is no option to upgrade, just to view the release notes.


If I try to make a simple config change such as changing the time zone, I get the message 'Object not found' - I'm unable to make any changes via the app.


If I try to login via web browser and do a manual configuration I use ubnt as username and the password printed on the bottom of the cube I get the message, invalid credentials.  Basically I have 20 units here with no way to configure them.


One thing I did notice, I configured one point from a previous order which worked ok, on the box is a label which says Ubiquiti networks Test Date 11/29/18 this one works ok.


The units that aren't working have a test date of 09/06/18


@UBNT-SNK Please can you let me know how I can get support on this issue in a timely manner?

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Re: Unable to configure AirCubes with app or web browser

Sending you an email @LJS007 

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