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airCube Hardware?

Question - have there been chipset or any hardware changes between aircube shipments/batches since release?  Forgive me if this has already been asked.




All airCubes are running 2.4.0 


Our company has deployed over 80 airCubes, all are on UNMS.   After 2.4.0 came out, I've been able to make these things sing in almost any environment.    


But here's the thing.  We purchased about 20 as soon as we could test them, and these models had a barcode box on the bottom with a white background.  These came in bridge and the old firmware (1.something).   The second round we purchased came with a black background on the barcode and 2.0.1 (which came in router mode - yay!!).     


*As far as I can tell, the first 20 we purchased, are the one's I can't seem to keep on UNMS (except a select few, like my own, which is part of the first batch, and that doesn't count because I catch it when it drops off). 


*Some airCubes, despite purchase date, can increase their 5Ghz to 26dB, while most can only go to 23dB.  This is while playing with channel widths and frequencies to see if it opens up more gain.  No go.  Only on a select few can I gain 26dB.  Is this a hardware change?  Firmware issue? How many hard ports they are using?  Devices on network?   


*Some airCubes give the option to copy 2.4Ghz settings over to 5Ghz while others do not.  Why?  I luuuv this feature when it lets me do it.   It seems like this should be a firmware/software issue, but all of my airCubes are fully updated and have been since a week after 2.4.0.   


Other context - I don't use the installer application anymore, but some of my techs still do.  I just use the GUI and have it up in a few minutes.  


All of the features I do or don't see are taking place on the airCube GUI, not on UNMS (which still reports weird gain between cubes even if you set them manually).      


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Re: airCube Hardware?

Not to my knowledge, no. Any power changes are likely due to configuration or regulatory changes in firmware. I'm not sure why the copy feature would not be there, what do you see when it is unavailable?