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airCube ISPs not happy with Apple?

We only have around thirty airCube ISPs deployed and only really have a problem with two of them.


Both of the problem airCubes are running 2.4.0 and they both have several Apple devices associated.


One that we're having a problem with was showing that it was disconnecting and reconnecting in its UNMS log.


We remotely rebooted it and that behavoir stopped for now.


We then had it upgrade to 2.4.1-devel and haven't seen it disconnect in UNMS for about 45 minutes.


We haven't had the time to follow the airCube issues.  Does this sound like the issue in the closed beta or something else?



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Re: airCube ISPs not happy with Apple?

I haven't seen an issue specific to Apple, but general Wi-Fi association issues are addressed in v2.4.1.