airFiber v4.0 is now available! New features, new Web UI

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎09-07-2017 05:46 AM - edited ‎09-07-2017 05:48 AM

Hi all,


We are very pleased to announce the all new firmware for airFiber, version 4.0. We recommend all airFiber users to update to this version, which has many improvements, including:


  • All New GUI (HTML5-based, smartphone friendly)
  • Up to 20% higher performance in AF-X and AF-FX radios (using Short CP mode)
  • Security Updates
  • New Power Control Features (Receive Target Power, aka Automatic Transmission Power Control)
  • Better Co-location (Dozens and dozens of radios on the same tower)
  • Improved AF-X Radios Filtering / RF Performance
  • Improved DFS performance (AF-5X)
  • Full-length passwords (not limited to 8 characters)
  • New Ethernet Carrier Drop Features
  • Improved Multi-Language Support (10+ languages)

and more...




Find it here: downloads/airfiber


airFiber Team


Important note for AF-11FX users: If you are upgrading an AF11FX, please read the release notes regarding an important browser cache refresh.

on ‎09-08-2017 04:52 PM

I upgraded 4 multiplexed AF-5X radios (2master-2slave) to AF5X.v.4.0 from AF5X.v.3.2.3 this morning. The process went smoothly per typical. Upon the OS title page I received a "invalid credentials" after entering the user/pw field all 4 radios. Working the issue I noticed 4.0's pw field was only giving 8 hidden characters of the 11 character original password. I entered only the first 8 characters of that password and was let in. I updated in system using the 8 as old and my original 11 as new and the OS updated and opens per typical. Anyone else experience this faux pas.?

on ‎09-08-2017 06:31 PM

@WispMitch That's well known. The older versions never actually used any more than the first eight characters.

‎09-10-2017 01:28 PM - edited ‎09-10-2017 01:29 PM

@mhammett et alii  well crazier deals have happened.! This being known begs several questions, but I'll constrain it to a statement. It must only be known to the folks that use the equipment. Following is a support response addressing my invalid credentials question...


Hi Mitch,

Unfortunately, there's no way to reset the password credentials for airFIber/airMax radios for security reason. You'll need to reset the radio to re-login into the airOS of airFiber. 

In order to reset the device press and hold the button besides the right of the RJ45 jack for about 15 seconds until the LED's flash once.

When it is reset, connect the radio directly to a PC that has a static IP address of the range 192.168.1.x. Open an Internet browser on your PC and try to access the radio's built-in Website at The default login credentials are ubnt/ubnt.

You can also watch the Youtube video to reset the device here



on ‎09-10-2017 09:40 PM

Yes, this is due to the password hash being upgraded around v5.6.x of the AirOS code, and was an unintended side effect of the crypt upgrade in the Linux version.   It really became an issue when people using more than 8 chaacters downgraded to earlier versions and were lockd out.   The AirFiber base code was initially based on one of the earlier AirOS code, so had the same truncation of the clear password issue, and this has now been fixed in the newest FW.   So you need to either use a less-than-9 character password initially or do like you did - use just the first 8 characters and then change the password.   


It makes the radios more secure, so it's a good thing.


on ‎09-24-2017 03:50 PM

Hey is there a userguide for this version?  My coworker installed a pair, and after applying changes to the 'remote' one, we lost all managment access to it.  We can get into the GUI of the local one, and see the remote is attached.  We've got connectivity to devices off the data port of this remote device, but the remote device itself is inaccessible.  The Cisco switches at either end do not see the supposed MAC address of this unmanagable radio (seen in the local radio's GUI).   Is there a way to see statistics for the AirFiber radios?  I'm used to being able to see bridge and ARP tables in the GUI on Airmax stuff, but I can't find it in Airfiber.  SSHing into the local radio gave me some info, but many airmax commands won't work in airfiber, like the ones to see attached stations.   I do see there is a dedicated management port on these.  If he changed the inband managment address and VLAN, does this management port still respond to  Without a recent userguide I'm kind of guessing.





on ‎09-27-2017 11:54 AM

Better co-location support- Is that for AF24 and what mode Half or Full Duplex?

on ‎12-03-2017 12:06 PM

what does it mean short cp mode?

on ‎07-09-2018 03:44 AM

Where the hell that NxN checkbox in ver 4.0.x ??? Do i Have to downgrade to 3.2.x for using multiplexer ?? 

on ‎07-09-2018 04:09 AM


I use 4.0.3


on ‎07-13-2018 01:32 PM

there is still a long way to implement ipv6 at the management level?