airFiber v4.0 is now available! New features, new Web UI

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Hi all,


We are very pleased to announce the all new firmware for airFiber, version 4.0. We recommend all airFiber users to update to this version, which has many improvements, including:


  • All New GUI (HTML5-based, smartphone friendly)
  • Up to 20% higher performance in AF-X and AF-FX radios (using Short CP mode)
  • Security Updates
  • New Power Control Features (Receive Target Power, aka Automatic Transmission Power Control)
  • Better Co-location (Dozens and dozens of radios on the same tower)
  • Improved AF-X Radios Filtering / RF Performance
  • Improved DFS performance (AF-5X)
  • Full-length passwords (not limited to 8 characters)
  • New Ethernet Carrier Drop Features
  • Improved Multi-Language Support (10+ languages)

and more...


Security Release for airFiber Released

by Deleted Account on ‎07-17-2015 03:16 PM

Hi all,

We've just released a very important security release for all airFiber products.


airFiber 5X Contest Announcement!

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Contest time! Show us your airFiber 5X link! Keep reading for all the details...


Wed, Nov 12 8:00AM PST | 11:00AM EST | 4:00PM UCT (60 minutes)
Join us for a Webinar and Q&A session to learn about airFiber®. 
Our high-performance wireless backhaul is a price-disruptive wireless technology, delivering amazing wireless gigabit+ performance, low latency at long range–making it ideal for carrier backhaul, building-to-building enterprise use or public safety applications. Learn about the features, benefits, and applications of our disruptively priced, high-performance wireless backhaul offerings.
Sign up for the free webinar at:

airFiber 2.0 release is here

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎04-03-2014 08:55 AM

Hi guys,

airFiber software version 2.0 is here, you can download it from here:

Version 2.0 (March 28, 2014)
New Features:
- Initial support for AF5/AF5u
- added multicast filtering
- added GIGE carrier follows RF link functionality
- added Link up-time display
- added Remote MAC address display
- added Remote IP address display

- Obsoleted ability to read AES key from MIB
- reorganized Main Page to simplify installation
- distance reads in Km/Miles if 1 or greater
- receive power graphs scale with link distance
- reorganized Advanced Page
- changed flow control verbage

- Fixed GIGE Carrier issue that required unit to be rebooted after enabling
- Fixed Power limit issues for some ETSI regions
- Fixed Rx power display issues for ETSI/ACMA regions
  This addressed an ETSI/ACMA issue where the received power displayed 
  values that were 5dB too high. While the rx display is now correct, 
  the actual tx power has not changed. Link performance should not be
- Fixed SNMP MIB issue found by openNMS
- Modified Ethernet transciever programming to address CRC errors

- removed Temperature readings
- updated airOS-F logo
- changed GUI references from Config port to Management(MGMT) Port
- reorganized code for AF5 support

airFiber v1.1.2 Released

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Best airFiber Software Ever


It was a very close call but we've selected the winner of the airFiber contest.  And the winner is....


airFiber Contest ...and the winners are

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The winners of our airFiber contest are being unveiled.... who will win?