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AF5X-HD v1.1.1 is Now Available!!!

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Hi Guys,


here is final v1.1.1 release including various improvements and fixes. Enjoy!

NOTE: v1.1.0 has known issue with auto FW update. Only manual FW update is possible on this version.



Version 1.1.1 (June 27, 2018)

- Regulatory: ETSI DFS support
- Regulatory: Enable 5.8GHz (EN302502) for all Europe countries (BFWA members) allowing it
- Regulatory: Enable UNII2 DFS band for US/FCC region
- Wireless: Centralised wireless settings configuration for PTP link (from Master side). Connected device will follow wireless configuration change done on Master side
- Wireless: Add antenna selection and custom antenna settings for LTU models
- Wireless: Enable wireless security by default. No option for turn Security OFF
- Login: Add link to UNMS mobile app on Login page
- Dashboard: AirLink Map/Fresnel mode integration and design update
- Dashboard: Add airView spectrum bar of Remote device
- Dashboard: Add Duty Cycle and Frame Length reporting on Master side
- Dashboard: Indicate LAN speed when it goes lower than GigE
- Network: Flow Control option for DATA port. Default status: enabled
- Network: Ethernet Carrier Drop feature
- Network: Multicast Filter option for DATA port. Default status: disabled
- Services: Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS) and UNMS mobile app support
- System: Centralised Link FW update feature. Master can upgrade PTP link FW (from Master side)
- System: DST support
- Tools: airView: Custom frequency range scan
- Tools: airView: In-Band scan option
- Tools: Speed Test: Show your link device as preferred selection. Eliminate the need to enter login/pass of your connected device (from Master side)

- Stability improvements with 100MHz and 80MHz channel bandwidth
- Stability improvements, including long time to establish many concurrent VoIP calls
- Performance optimisations, improved modulation rate selection
- Shorter device connection time
- Latency improvements
- Automated TX power selection for higher modulation rates
- Improve GPS altitude calculation precision
- WEB UI style/layout/messages improvements
- Dashboard: UNMS status icon with activity levels on the top of Dashboard
- Dashboard: Improve short distance display
- Dashboard: Report "Not Connected" reasons on Dashboard, including DFS states (timer, lockout)
- Dashboard: Add link to EULA and Privacy Policy
- Dashboard: Add Collapsible header
- Dashboard: Improve chain imbalance indication
- Dashboard: Indicate Master role
- Dashboard: Improve System Log view
- Dashboard: Device details re-alignment, more statistics for GPS, Ethernet
- Dashboard: Use the same metric units [Miles/Km] on all sections (Map / Link / Fresnel)
- Dashboard: Add Hover text with explanation of UNMS status if Green/Flashing Yellow/Grey
- Dashboard: System Log: Show latest messages first
- Dashboard: More details: Report HW Bridge MAC table in more details view
- Wireless: Make more precise duty cycle number: 66% -> 67%
- Wireless: Move Output Power (EIRP) control under Advanced settings. Add Auto Output Power ON/OFF option. Switch Auto Output Power ON after FW update.
- Wireless: Add protection for whitespaces in Link Name beginning/end
- Services: SNMP: Add separate OID to show data port operational state
- Services: Services clean up: Telnet/Device Discovery/CDP settings. Settings will be kept as configured. These Services still can be managed via Command line or UNMS
- Services: Remove syslog configuration options. Delegate System log configuration via UNMS apps/server
- System: Long device name does not fit in warning window
- System: Move NTP configuration under System menu
- System: Date/Time sync from GPS when NTP is disabled, remove Startup Date functionality as obsolete
- Tools: Antenna Alignment: Updated antenna alignment tool. Remote RX signal reporting. Best achieved signal mark
- Tools: Antenna Alignment: Reduce false positives of Alignment alarms
- Tools: airView: Speed up airView scan, use background scanning history data
- Tools: airView: Speed up Waterfall View scan results
- Tools: airView: Don't expire HTTP session when airView tool is running
- Tools: Cable test: Make DATA port as default option for Cable Test tool
- Crash log: Add possibility to download Crash log report

- Device lockup issue when HW bridge table is full
- Security: Privilege and Persistent Escalation writing Configuration File from RO user
- Regulatory: Incorrect EIRP limit for UK (Band C) should be 36dBm
- Regulatory: Update frequency range beginning for US
- Regulatory: No DFS required for Indonesia 5.8GHz
- Regulatory: Remove 5795-5815MHz gap for UK
- Dashboard: Remove Bridge HW reference from UI, Network mode is Bridge
- Dashboard: Remote negative GPS data is incorrectly represented on Dashboard Map view
- Dashboard: Report Device Model in page header instead of Device Name
- Dashboard: Remote IP is reported as Unknown when Management VLAN is enabled on remote side
- Dashboard: More details: Page select controls are invisible in more details view
- Wireless: Rekey cause packet drop
- Wireless: Prevent connection from being stuck during link initialisation (GPS clock sync ON but no GPS signal)
- Wireless: Slave does not obey set MAX TX modulation rate limit
- Wireless: Cannot change Link Name, restart is required
- Wireless: Auto TX Modulation stability and fixes for Uplink
- Wireless: UI doesn't reload regulatory limits on country change
- Network: Two default gateway set on device cause device become unreachable
- Network: DHCP Client doesn’t configure default route when Management VLAN is configured
- Network: Flow control issue with TS8 PRO mixed port 100 and 1000 Mbps
- Network: Fix MAC table consistency to avoid ping loss (or lockup) while running STP protocol
- Network: Ethernet negotiation issue with CISCO Switch 370
- Network: Add DNS settings in separate section
- Network: Abort MTU configuration. Jumbo Frames should be enabled for packets larger than 1518 Bytes
- Services: SNMP values freeze fix
- System: Memory leak fix
- System: Does allow to create Read-Only user without username
- System: LTU devices do not answer to TCP discover request
- System: Firefox suggests renew login info when press "Download Support Info"
- Tools: Cable Test tool doesn't show failure when LAN speed dropped to 100 Mbps
- Tools: Enter key issue with Speed test and Trace route tools
- Tools: Constellation: Received Power reporting in Constellation tool doesn't match received signal
- Tools: airView: Waveform View display issues on mobile version

Known Issues:
- Possible stability issues in 100MHz and 80 MHz channel (some corner cases). Will be resolved with next service release


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do upgrade from v1.1.0 then you should upgrade far end first then near end. v1.1.0 and v1.1.1 are incompatible with each other. 



IMPORTANT NOTE: Bridge MAC ID change may affect device monitoring in AC2/UNMS/SNMP systems.




AF5XHD firmware: af5xhd.v1.1.1.00060.180628.1006.bin




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Re: AF5X-HD v1.1.1 is Now Available!!!

Would this firmware work for PTMP?
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Re: AF5X-HD v1.1.1 is Now Available!!!

No, PTMP hasn't even been released to beta yet.  But it's been two months since the last beta release so I suspect a beta firmware soon but have no expectations as to what we will see in it.