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Two LTU ptp links deployed this AM

This morning I successfully deployed two links (four radios) on a back to back link replacing 4 AF5X radio with 4 AF5XHD radios.


The links are up and running at 50Mhz channel width just to get them operational this morning to minimize down time. I had two additional tower crews working at the easy endpoints and I did the intermediate hop with two radios to replace.


Both links are in 50% duty cycle mode during testing and are currently showing ~240x240Mb/s link capacity.


In the coming days I will doing testing and check if the links will support 100Mhz channel width. I really need split channel frequencies! One of my links has interference on any given single frequency. On the AF5X's I was using that to maintain clean RX frequencies.


Each link is about 9 Miles (14km).  I am using v 1.1.1 of the firmware. The quick start guide is junk for 1.1.1 as so many changes were made. There are some UI improvements that could be made as well as "hover over" help would be nice.


Would be nice to have some information on the Frame offset as well as some "user guide" for deployment in a mixed mode with Airmax AP's and LTUs on the same tower. I can elaborate if anyone would like to discuss.


(Old radio's to be move to a 16 mile mountain top path).


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Re: Two LTU ptp links deployed this AM

Thanks for sharing your experience with 5XHD!
1. Frequency split is coming in v1.1.2-BETA
2. 5ms Frame length is compatible with airMax series (they support 5/8/10ms)
and yes, we'll improve visibility on UI for this.
We also keep improving our documentation, thanks for note.