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2 weeks ago
Follow up on my story "First AF5 installation in Denmark"
Reason for Installation
AF5 installed in a chimney..... This AF5 is difficult to reach as there's no ladder up to it in the chimney.... Still it's running without problems....
Used Products
Denmark, Europa

I did the first installation of AF5 in Denmark....
AF5 in chimney with rainbow.jpg

A year later the link was running nice and steady and it could celebrate 1 years birthday....

I haven't paid much attention to it. It just keep running, running, running and running.....

Yesterday I had power problems and needed to address that. I then discovered the far end of the link was running on day 549 uptime..... 




AF5 Uptime 01.png


Impressive uptime for a $950 piece of equipment....

UBNT AF5.jpg


And it's still trying to achieve 10x modulation.....


AF5 modulation 10x.png

 That's on 17 km....


2 weeks ago

Yes, the AF line is impressive. Here 3 Screens from my network. Link uptime is short, we have a long power outage in town 56 days before.





a week ago

@dsich You need to upgrade to firmware v4.2, probably breaking that awsome uptime :-)