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LTU AF5X-HD Provides UFiber Backhaul

Back when I did the story on my UFiber rural backhaul, what I couldn't mention is that the PTP backhaul that provides all the fiber speed traffic was the new AF5X-HD LTU.





 This link runs at 10X over the 2.5 miles.








This is over 580Mbps of aggregated capacity.  And the download speed across the link on one of the shared NanoU's was this:




Late one night I decided to push the pedal to the metal and see what LTU could really do.  So I cleared some colocated spectrum and cranked the channel width to a 100mhz wide channel.


What I got, was 1088Mbps aggregate throughput !





LTU isn't fine tunned yet.  The above performance will continue to increase even more as the dev team optimizes things in the firmware.



Lets look at a comparison link where I replaced a regular AF5X with the AF5X-HD.


This was a challenging link that skimmed just over the trees at 7.8 miles causing some signal loss.






Barely achieving 6X because of the trees with an aggregate of about 145Mbps.


I swapped in AF5X-HD's on both side.





The modulation jumped to 8X to 10X and download went from 98Mbps with the regular AF5X to as much a 150Mbps with the HD.  The aggregate went up to 210Mbps with the HD.  Again, this will improve even more with newer firmware. 


Swapping in an AF5X-HD will almost always result in improved performance in my testing. 


The LTU based AF5X-HD achieves 10X much easier for several reasons. First it can hit 10X with as little as -62 of signal (with 20mhz channel). Compare that with -54 or so for a regular AF5X.  Also the AF5X-HD allows 10X at a much, much higher conducted power level.  The old rules about much gain you need and cranking down the conducted don't seem to apply to the LTU.   



I'll share some more AF5X-HD links in the coming days.  


For close up photos of the new AF5X-HD, see this other story.








on ‎10-11-2017 03:06 PM

awesome, what dish are you using?

on ‎10-11-2017 04:36 PM

@jecbanjo  All these links use the 620mm RocketDish 30.  Some were slant 45 some where H/V.

on ‎10-13-2017 11:06 PM

@ClaudeSS What is the channel width on your first screenshot?

on ‎10-14-2017 05:16 AM

@brandon_za  Pretty sure it was 60mhz wide at that point.  Currently I'm running it at 50mhz.