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New LTU AirFibers shown at Wispalooza Show !

by a week ago - last edited a week ago

There's plenty of exciting new AirFiber being shown in the Ubiquiti booth at Wispalooza.


Both new radios and a new dish. 







I'll go over the new LTU radios first.   The AF5X-HD has been mentioned and will be available in the beta store this week.   Below we have the one you can buy on the beta store on the right, and a clear plasic version that shows the amazing new LTU circuit board on the left.




Below is a closeup of the new circuit board through the clear plastic case.  The AF5X-HD has both a data port and management port just like the regular AF5X.  Also a GPS port on top. 





The big take aways about the AF5X-HD is it uses much less power than the regular AF5X, handles 10,20,30,40,50,60,80 and 100mhz channels.  And does 10X very easily and even 12x in the future.  And of course it uses the exciting new LTU technology.

You'll see additional stories about the performance improvement once they hit the beta store.


So the other new LTU radio being shown is an LTU version of the PrismStation.  Here's one mated to a 30 degree clear plastic horn.  It can of course be connected to any of the existing horns including the sector horns to use it as an AP.





And a close up of one with a clear plastic case showing the amazing LTU circuit board.




As you can sort of see from the photos, the LTU version of the PrismStation/IsoStation has a frosted plasic top with signal lights. Its 100% interchangeable with the PrismStation and IsoStation.  So switching between them is just unsnapping one and twistings the other in. 


The clear plastic new LTU horn radio is also being shown mated to a new dish, and I'll talk about that in a separate story.





And there is also a clear plastic version of the AF11-FX on display.








ubiquiti certified trainer :: ubwa | uewa

SFP or no SPF, the most important function of these units is still on the wireless side which we are still mostly in the dark about. Even if they achieve a leap in wireless performance I'm going to guess that the wireless side is still going to be the weak link by a decent margin.

by Ubiquiti Employee

@BotaDriver  Please remember that these are the first in a series of products that will be leveraging these new custom chips.  




@UBNT-Gary I certainly hope so.  You guys are sitting on an excellent piece of silicon with great capabilities.   I only wish for the economies of scale you included SFP native.  I'd really like to see UBNT nail down a minimum requirement for ALL PTMP APs whereby there's a copper port, there's an SFP slot, and there's a telco style power connector.  The cost would be negligible if it was at the heart of all AF products and Prism products. The increased utility provided by such would reflect highly on your brand while not infringing on your price point.  However, the utility of the gear would increase and would make such standard (one that's long overdue) ubiquitous in the market place, and you could take the credit for moving the bar up a notch in the WISP market.


From what I have been reading LTU is Ubiquitis version I love LTE. Designed specifically for the with industry with their usual Price disruption. I tried some LTE last year and decided not to go with it because I believe it is a dead product. MU-MIMO looks like will be the future. I know I am not as knowledgeable as most people on this forum. To stay competitive with Cable, Fiber or even Cell I need to be able to provide a minimum of 50M simultaneously to my clients. Is LTU going to be able to do this?


This is pretty dissapointing. 

I was at the least expecting full duplex, mu mimo+ and specialised PTMP CPE and sector.

Can we get some more info on the PTMP?


Not full duplex but, I was also expecting MU-MIMO and specialized antennas.