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airFiber love affair

We have loved using airFiber for the last few years.


Perfect reliability, price and performance has revolutionised what we can deliver to customers.


Thanks Ubiquiti!



on ‎01-06-2017 11:56 PM

Hi Alex,


Yes mostly in Melbourne, a couple in country Victoria.

on ‎01-07-2017 02:26 AM

Thanks for replying Graham Man Happy

on ‎01-18-2017 01:03 PM



With AirFiber HD, which is the longest link installed and... with the AirFiber AF5ghz ?

on ‎01-24-2017 05:54 PM

What is the longest link and how much throughput are you getting?

on ‎01-24-2017 07:21 PM

The longest link shown is the AirFiber5U shown with Eureka tower in the background which goes to Point Cook 22 kms away.


21Mbps full duplex on a 20MHz channel.  With a wider chanel bandwidth it could do more but the client required only 10Mbps FD so we opted for the most reliable option ie. narrow channel bandwidth and limiting the modulation scheme.


Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 2.07.42 PM.png


The backup link which consisted of a RocketM5 and 30dB antenna at one end and PowerBridgeM5 at the other end produced 15Mbps aggregate on a 5MHz channel.


Considering the urban envoronment I think it's a good result and both links have been absolutely stable for more that 2 years now.


Before anyone chimes in about greater throughput just consider that our regulations allow a maximum of 36dBm EIRP.

on ‎03-09-2017 12:20 PM

were do you get those penetrating single pole mounts?

on ‎03-09-2017 06:41 PM

Regarding the pole mounts I just draw up what I want and get a steel fabricator to make it and hot dip galvanize the thing once it's made.



on ‎03-20-2017 12:40 PM
Well I am not fresher also I am not expert like you, but I think surge suppressor was missing
on ‎03-20-2017 12:41 PM
I mean in above pics
on ‎03-20-2017 02:32 PM

Hi amitpro, I never use them because they can cause more problems than they solve.