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AF-11FX or AF-5XHD

Hey Everyone, 


I have a client needing to set up a PtP backhaul and I'm going to go with an AirFiber solution. We are toying with the idea of going with 11Ghz so I'm trying to do my homework (since I have no experienced with this frequency band) and I thought I would start here and get some feedback. 


The Client:

They are a non-profit who runs an extremely large scale event once a year (about 500k attendees). I've set them up with an AirMAX 5ac and UniFi Mesh solution for distribution throughout the venue but up to this point they have outsourced the backhaul each year to another 3rd party who is bringing a connection into the park on a 24Ghz link. Based on past performance, cost, lack of control, and a desire to connect the event to their main office network they would like to bring the backhaul in-house and light up the park with a PtP link from their main office.


The Link:

It's a straight shot and REALLY short (just over 1km) and they want to provide the event with a minimum of 200Mbps. So, with AirFiber we would typically be looking at 5Ghz or 24Ghz. We want to stay away from 5Ghz because it's already saturated and they have some concerns about sharing 24Ghz with their previous provider. I mentioned 11Ghz as a possible option and even when I explained the costs of $1900 for 10 years they got very excited about the idea of a "private frequency for only $190 a year".


Before I commit them to a licensed solution I figured I should take a long hard look at all our options. The AF-5XHD looks like it opperates between 4.8Ghz - 6.2Ghz. So, I'm sure we can find a channel or two that are clear. I'm just not sure if 11Ghz is going to be overkill, and when factoring in license fees and hardware costs it's about 4 times more expensive than the AF-5XHD (but they are okay with the price tag as they see value in it).


So, my questions to the Forum are:


1) Is 11Ghz overkill for this deployment?

2) If we go with it. Are there things I need to be concerned with on 11Ghz that I don't have to worry about on 5Ghz? (Such as, I hear about rain fade, but at 1km is it going to be much of an issue?)


Any advice or recommendations would be extremely welcomed! 




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Re: AF-11FX or AF-5XHD

Part 101 has a minimum path length requirement of 5km for 11 GHz links.  An intermittent use case would also be questionable under Part 101.


24 GHz seems ideal for this.  I don't understand what 'sharing' would be involved?

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Re: AF-11FX or AF-5XHD

Just to clarify, FCC Part 101.143(b) allows 11 GHz path lengths less than 5 kilometers, the EIRP just needs to be compliant with the equation listed.

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Re: AF-11FX or AF-5XHD

Good catch -- thanks, Tim.


IMO, 80 GHz would likely be a much better choice for a Part 101 path there.  Simpler licensing, tons of bandwidth, and far, far less impact to air space/spectrum.

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Re: AF-11FX or AF-5XHD

If its just over 1 km I would use the airfiber24 or even wireless wire dish or better yet 2 wireless wires in parallel, 11ghz is going to be a lot more then $1900, with FCC licencing and freq coordinator fees, dish's , and dueplexers your going to be closer to ~4k for a mimo link.

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Re: AF-11FX or AF-5XHD

AF24 for sure.