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Airfiber 5 and Medical Helicopters

We are a Regional Medical center wanting to connect two of our remote sites up using Airfiber 5's.  My question is about using the equipment and our medical helicopters.  Is there any legal issues when you might be crossing a possible flight path of a medical helicopter using the 5Ghz spectrum?  I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything.  Just wanting to check with any possible pilots out there that may know.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Airfiber 5 and Medical Helicopters

The 5 GHz spectrum is not restricted, other than normal FCC rules regarding EIRP and DFS.

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Re: Airfiber 5 and Medical Helicopters

Agreed, 5Ghz is unlicensed, so there shouldn't be any issues with crossing a flight path at all. I have seen installations of 5Ghz PTP and PTMP deployments at several airports.

Do keep in mind, a helicopter hovering in the airFiber's direct path will probably have a negative effect on the wireless link though.

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