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Issue on Chain 1 AF24 HD

I have an AirFiber AF24 HD.   The link shows -64/-65 on one side and -67/-79 on the other side.    I wanted to see if anyone else had an issue like this with one of their chains and if it was just a misalignment issue since one side is getting a great signal. 

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Re: Issue on Chain 1 AF24 HD



The issue here is that you are in 1X mode. In that mode, Chain 1 is not used. If you can get the signal/aiming dialed in a bit more to get to 2X mode, chain 1 will snap right in. It looks like you are giving away about 5dB in one direction; is this a Full Duplex Link? If so, experiment with half duplex and see if that helps. If it does, there is likely a reflection in the path (energy from the tx is bouncing off of a building lip, etc, and desensing the receiver on one end.