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AC Sectors + RF Armor 6 gang mount: Sheilding and mounting advice

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I'm planning to install some AC sectors on my tower, hopefully using the RF Armor 6 gang cluster mounts. I'd like some advice regarding mounting and sheilding.



Q1: Do I required sheilding for the AC sectors and AC Rockets?


I can't see an RF Armor product to suit the AC sector antennas or Rockets (unless I'm not looking hard enough!). I understand the AC sectors and rockets have built in sheilding, but still concerned about proximity.



Q2: Will it all mount safely on my existing aluminium lattice tower (specs + pics below) ?


I will mount the clusters on either the mast head (assuming there's room), or possibly split them (in half) and mount on the corners of the tower itself, again advice is welcome.



Currently installed on tower:

1x PBE-5AC-400-ISO

1x AM-5G16-120 + Rocket M5

1x AM-5G19-120 + Rocket M5


Current sectors facing opposite directions on tower corners, no sheilding. PBE-5AC-400-ISO currently mounted at very top on mast head, but will probably get moved down lower on tower.



Proposed cluster gear:

AM-5AC21-60's (up to 6x)

R5AC-PRISM's (2x already had them, but may swap for gen 2's if req'd)

R5AC-Gen2's (up to 4x or 6x if req'd)

UCM6T (currently on special for AUD$37.31 !!)



Tower specs:

Aluminium Lattice Serviceable Guyed Tower (210mm Faced) - Modular, Lightweight 3m Sections


  • 210mm face width
  • 40mm x 3mm aluminium CHS leg
  • 10mm solid aluminium lattice
  • 475mm step spacing
  • 3000mm section lengths (x2 currently, 3rd waiting for install)



Aluminium Mast Head - Single 50o/d Mount 800mm long

  • Aluminium construction
  • 50mm o/d single pole
  • Mounts onto roof mounted Aluminium Lattice Tower mast
    (Assuming there's enough length/room to mount cluster here, considering support braces at bottom)



Thank you in advance!





(Note: generic tower pic, not my actual tower or equipment, but same tower and mast head)aluminium-lattice-roof-mast-antenna.jpg