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Broken door "springs" on Prism AC units

We have a handful, out of 40, Rocket 5AC Prism, 1st gen, units where the door "springs" are broken when we first open them.  It takes some force to open the door, but sometimes both springs are "stacked" next to each other under the LAN port like they've been rattling around in shipping.


I cannot rule out their breaking as we open them, but am leaning away from that hypothesis.   I wanted to see if others are seeing the same thing?  Or are we just lucky?   The latest batch has a test date of January 17, 2017. 


The prior batches were from 2016.  I don't have those boxes around anymore.   We're having trouble getting radios so we are placing these units anyway.

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Re: Broken door "springs" on Prism AC units

Hm. I haven't seen this myself but wouldn't rule out perhaps some coming loose during shipping. If you have the MAC address of one of the units we can check the factory report and make sure there are no recorded issues on our end.