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Change over m5 to Ac


I have changed all my sectors from 90 degree to AC 45.

I have also swapped out the legacy M5 Radios To Ac Gen 2.


Because of the tighter beamwidth I have a few clients that have dropped signal due to not being alligned correctly. I will be going to ther clients property as soon as possible to fix this


But for the moment what would be a good TDMA FILTER setting number so the low signal clients to not affect the Ap performance to much?


Thank you.

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Re: Change over m5 to Ac

@UBNT-sriram Can provide a bit of detail on the TDMA filter.
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Re: Change over m5 to Ac

@DarrenPaul TDMA filter is like a quality bar which decides which stations need to be penalized.

The higher the filter value, the higher the quality bar. The station's whose metrics fall below the bar are penalized.


The computation of the quality value uses several metrics including packet error %,  the transmit rate, etc.