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Litebeam 5AC Gen1 and Gen2 - My Success Story

I want to begin by saying how amazing these products are!


My father and mother-in-law have discovered facebook and cat videos. Since they are on my shared mobile plan, they quickly use up all my cellular data. They don't really have the need for internet as a younger generation does, so it doesn't really make sense for them to get internet service @$45/m ($65/m after 1 year). 


My brother-in-law lives 2 streets away (~950ft roof to roof). He is a typical internet user. From Netflix to mobile gaming and even online school. 


I proposed we make a wireless bridge from roof to roof. This is my first ever experience with Ubiquiti products so i was a bit skeptical. 



Here is the Litebeam 5AC Gen2 mounted on my father-in-laws house set as StationPtPIMG_6613.JPG

Here is another view, but from my brother-in-law's house.


Just in case you can't spot it, it's that white dot in front of the AC unit.


Here is a view of my brother-in-law's house, you can see his solar panels from here.


That white dot is the Litebeam-5AC-23US. (Gen1) set as Access Point PtP


We climbed into the attic, snipped some power cables to add this outlet to the ceiling, and mounted the router on the wall. The router is set to DHCP off so all IPs are assigned by the Modem.


As you can see, the devices are set at 10MHz width. my brother-in-law's internet connection is a 60Mbs connection, and after much research, I found that at 10MHz you can get a max throughput of ~65Mbs


And here is 37Mbs Down 6Mbs Up. More than enough to drown in Cat videos!


Thanks Ubiquiti for such an amazing product. 


Note 1:I did enable EIRP, but i also reduced the power output to half as i didn't think it was needed for such a short distance. So I should be way below FCC EIRP limits.


Note 2: This is funny and maybe somebody would like to confirm. This project had 1 little headache that lasted about 2 hours of troubleshooting. I named the AP SSID to "Search..." and then "Search", the Station would not, for the life of me detect the AP. Both running the latest firmware. The reason the Gen2 is being used as a Station instead of the AP is because I switched them between AP and then Station so many times that when I got the brilliant idea to change the SSID to anything but "Search" Gen1 was the AP and as soon as i used a more unique SSID, they found each other. I quickly "Lock to AP" and called it a day. Remember, after 2 hours i was almost a broken man. Set them up and worked instantly 1000ft apart.


Note 3: I purchased the Gen2 on Amazon for $35 and the Gen1 for $55. They were both "Used" but everything was sealed. I got a great deal on these antennas. 


Thanks for your time

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Re: Litebeam 5AC Gen1 and Gen2 - My Success Story

Great! Glad to see you're having success with these.