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Rocket 5ac PTP - SSID stops broadcasting

I have a site with 4 Rocket 5ac devices with AM-5AC21-60 antennas on a hill near Aberdeen (UK).

They have all been updated to 8.0.2 (XC) and are set up as Access Point PtMP airMAX AC.


The device we called Sector 2 suddenly stopped broadcasting it's SSID, so we factory reset it and  set it up from scratch but it still wouldn't broadcast it's SSID. It will, however, let you do a site survey and run airview. We thought it might be a one off, and are in the process of returning it to our supplier.


Since we actuallty had a customer on sector 2, we swung sector 1 to cover their location 7 days ago, configured it as sector 2 and all was fine until today. Now the same thing has happened, the SSID is no longer broadcasting, yet I can run airview and the site survey tool. I've reboot the Rocket, factory reset it and it is still resolutely not broadcasting it's SSID.


Any suggestions on what might be causing this?





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Re: Rocket 5ac PTP - SSID stops broadcasting

What Frequency and channel width were all four units on?


Could you forward the Support Info file and ask for it to be escalated to me?  (please include a link to this thread).


One thing that can cause an AP to stop transmitting is if it is operating in a DFS band and detects RADAR.  You should see a countdown on the APs Main tab showing this.


Some DFS bands will let you TX after 60 seconds, but for example, 5660MHz requires a 10minute wait time before it can start TXing (depends on regulatory region)



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Re: Rocket 5ac PTP - SSID stops broadcasting

One of my colleagues has sent the requested info to support, and I sent a couple of screenshots I had from the rocket we've sent back to the supplier.


For the devices that are still on site

1 - 5500MHz, 40MHz Channel

2 - On it's way back to the supplier

3 - 5735MHz, 40MHz Channel

4 - 5630MHz, 40MHz Channel


From Site Survey

Rocket 1 can see Rocket 3 and our Backhaul on 5695MHz

Rocket 3 can see Rocket 4

Rocket 4 can see Rocket 3

Neither end of the Backhaul can see Rocket 1 (or 3 or 4 for that matter)


When Rocket 1's SSID disappeared I connected the client to Rocket 3, and reprogrammed Rocket 1. Rocket 1 actually picked a channel that waited the full 10 minutes, but even after that Rocket 1 still wasn't visible. Rocket 1 has since been reconfigured by a colleague to see if that helped.