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Spoof/change mac-address on AirOS7/8



I have been reading much about different ways to spoof the mac-address, but I haven't found a sollution for this yet.


Been looking thorugh this list


Also done much googling around regarding mac spoofing in general.


My problem is that on some clients it was set up lock to mac. (This is not a good idea, I knew that)

Now the AP has been fried and changed. So the STA won't connect any more.


I have tried several different sollutions, and different firmwares, but the command 

ifconfig ath0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

won't work. Gives me a: ifconfig: SIOCSIFHWADDR: Operation not supported


I have also tried in a rc.poststart script to do the same but to no avail.


When doing the same command on the wifi0 interface I get a: ifconfig: SIOCSIFHWADDR: Invalid argument


Changing the mac-address of the bridge interface is working, but this is not something the STA uses to confirm mac-address.


I see that if I change the network mode from bridge to router I can spoof the mac. But this is not viable when I use VLANS and static ip-addressing on AP and STA.


I know and I will probably have to go out to each site and change config of the STA, but I still wan't to know why it is not possible. 


I have also looked into installing macchanger mips package on the device to test this, but I haven't dared yet.


I am free to change firmware and make most changes on all interfaces except eth0.


Does anyone have a good suggestion? And I want to know so I can update alle the old posts on this subject so those can die and not cause any more confusion to new readers.



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Re: Spoof/change mac-address on AirOS7/8

We don't support changing the MAC address of the unit.