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MAC-Telnet Support

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Status: New Idea

Mikrotik had it first but now Cambium is fully supporting it 


UBNT should be next to support MAC-Telnet.


It should be a standard among vendors to support it.

Drop Ethernet

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Status: New Idea

On my airMax radios, I would like the ability to configure the Ethernet interface to drop for a  few seconds and then come back up in the event that I lose the wireless link. This would force routing protocols to immediately re-route. When it comes back up, it allows me to still manage the device, but since the wireless link is down, the routing protocols don't re-establish.

Request: Y.1731 Performance Monitoring

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Status: New Idea

ITU-T Y.1731 performance monitoring provides standards-based Ethernet performance monitoring that encompasses the measurement of Ethernet frame delay, frame delay variation, and frame loss and throughput as outlined in the ITU-T Y-1731 specification and interpreted by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Service providers offer service-level agreements (SLAs) that describe the level of performance customers can expect for services. This document describes the Ethernet performance management aspect of SLAs.

TDMA filter feature request

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Status: New Idea

It would be nice to change the color or otherwise mark the client(s) on the station list that are being throttled by the TDMA filter setting.


This will help identify problem clients that might not otherwise be easily identified. This would help managing truck rolls to clients affecting AP performance easier and much quicker.

SFP port on a radio kudo if you want it

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Status: New Idea
We need a SFP port directly on a radio so we can run fiber direct to radio the setup of how edgepoint gets power and uses fiber is fine but this need to be on a radio its self most likely in the AirFiber line yes I know wrong area but the correct idea area is not there yet
And yes I know the radios can't do the speeds fiber can this so stop any chance of cable errors edgepoint is a step in the right direction but we really need the SFP right on the radios

Kudos if you agree

I have a survey monkey that shows over 100 of you want it but I have to pay to see more then that soo kudos will have to work

Virtual AP / Multi-SSID Support

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Status: New Idea

What it says on the tin. Ideally with airMAX support.

I can't speak for other people who are yearning for this feature but I know personally if this feature can't be added with just a software update on existing devices (similar to how only newer devices get big MTUs) I wouldn't mind having to purchase a new hardware revision (or a Rocket M5 Uber Edition Man Tongue) to utilise this. (Although I would be sad having to wait 6 months for it to go flow down the supply chain in Australia).

Ping Watchdog - Support for Default Gateway

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Status: Accepted

I'd like to see an option added: "Ping Default Gateway"

I'd expect it to be added as a checkbox element that when enabled disables the manual fill.


pwdog.status=disabled could be pwdog.status=gateway in the config file.


The benefit is that you could have all the radios ping their default gateway instead of something that may be offline somewhere at the NOC.

Preferred AP

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Status: New Idea

It will be very useful if you could implement something like “preferred AP” instead of “lock to AP MAC” feature, so then if AP which is preffered will not response for some period of time (or specified number of attempts) , then station will connect to other AP in our network. Locked AP is good, but when it fails, stations will not connect to other AP, so preferred AP will be in my opinion better.

RADIUS device authentication + Logging

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We *must have* the ability to authenticate access to the device for management by querying a radius server 1st, and if it fails fall back to the admin account on the radio. There are already linux tools to do this, it just needs to be implemented in the GUI.


For clarification, if you have 1 password for your radios and a disgruntled employee, it would be very easy for them to damage your reputation and cause you financial loss.


It is simply unacceptable that this feature doesn't exist in "carrier class equipment" in 2015.


This feature needs to be supported in ALL Ubiquiti products.



MicroPOP AC with 4x90 HD Omni Antenna

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Status: New Idea


This is what I need to install a non-invasive microPOP with a decent amout

of bandwidth and where to connect at least 200 users. I thought of an antenna
with 4 panels of 90 degrees, isolated from each other to link 4 rocket 5AC Prism.
The result would be a simple installation on a pole,
it would not be invasive (important thing) with the performance of 5AC Prism.
Sorry for rough drawing (I have no time and only Paint).




CPE Roaming

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Status: New Idea

While updating APs some CPEs catch a marginal signal from neighboring sectors and connect to them. Problem is they stay there with bad signal (bad for customer and sector). Same would happen with a DFS event.


So it would be great when AC CPEs use their second wireless card to background scan for an AP with better signal and move back.

Auto confirguration of client devices!

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Status: New Idea
Device new out of box connects to secondary SSID on the AP.
Secondary SSID forwards all traffic to a listening interface (vlan) that some form of aircontrol interface is on, with no gateway.
AirControl interface looks at MAC whitelist. If MAC is in whitelist, it sends a config. This could be radius info, etc.
CPE connects to secondary SSID on AP. This SSID has no LAN side connectivity, and is it's own VLAN. CPE will always connect to AP with the strongest signal first.
AP looks at MAC whitelist. If CPE MAC shows up in MAC whitelist, then AP sets "config receive" bit on CPE. CPE reboots. When it reboots, it receives a tftp config from the AP that will allow it to connect to the actual SSID.

How to deal with one of the scenarios above? How to do it?

QinQ (802.1ad) untagging on the CPE's ethernet port.

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Status: New Idea

I'd like to be able to do QinQ untagging on the ethernet port so it could be possible to send a group of VLAN's to each CPE under an AP. I don't know how it is in other countries but Sweden often has "triple play" ie Internet (untagged) and IP TV and IP telephony (regular VLAN's (802.1q)) on other ports on fiber CPE's. It would be nice if this could be achieved via AirMax too with a simple VLAN-switch or EdgeRouter-X to untag each VLAN on a separate port if wanted.


This could be a great feature for everyone here that like to extend existing community fiber networks that already has "triple play" to their fiber customers but wan't to extend the network to customer that are on "hard to reach locations". I already have a customer with this demands and to have QinQ untagging on the CPE's is more or less crucial if they not will have to put a lot of configuration into both switches and CPE's for each customer with tagging three regular VLAN's and then bridge them out in the CPE instead of just untag the customers QinQ on the CPE.


This feature would be a great feature and can be a sell or no sell for the actual project for me (and I think a lot of other companies too).

Automatically adjust power on CPE

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Status: New Idea

It would be very usefull to add a feature to airOS wich will automatically adjust output power on client stations according to signal strength on access point side?
Like it is in GSM or LTE network when mobile phone automatically adjust output power according to distance betwen phone and a base station.

If AP has a client with signal -50 then AP sends command to this client to decrease output power.
If AP has a client with signal -70 then AP sends command to this client to increase output power.

POE adapter, colored for diferent Volts

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Since the UBNT Poe Adapters look a-like no matter what Voltage, I guess it would be nice

to have them come in different colors or labeled (large).


I know the Airfiber ones are lots bigger, but the 24V 1A, and 48V are the same.

To myself it only happened once that an antenna blew up, but it happens once to everyone.


New type of POE's

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Status: Implemented

Please, Please, Please !!!  As an installer of your products, your POE's are a pain in the butt to secure in a customer's house.

We either stick it on the wall with velcro (summer heat lets it fall off later), hope to secure it by stapling all the cables coming into it , or just let it dangle on the floor (which may mean additional service calls when the wiring gets messed up later).

It really makes a crappy looking install with the way the unit is now !!

PLEASE, either put some "mounting tabs" on both sides of the unit, so it can be securely screwed down,


provide a new POE unit that simply plugs into the AC wall socket, and has all the CAT5 connection ports in the bottom of the unit. (it would need a 3 prong AC plug molded into it)

(I would prefer the AC wall socket unit myself, this would also eliminate the need for an external AC cord)

Backward compatibility between AirMax AC to AirMax M devices

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Status: New Idea
If you need to migrate (small WISP) a PtP link, one day you need to replace one device and in other day you replace the other one. If you can't have 2 tech team doing the job, you must have the customers disconnected all the time you replace the 2 points from AirMax M to AirMax AC. If the AirMax AC had a "backward compatibility mode", you could minimice the downtime. Regards

OSPF on the CPE

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Status: New Idea

yes, this is a duplicate from long ago, but it's been forgotten.


I really really would like OSPF on the radio, even if it only supported stub areas if there is a memory concern.



Preferred AP refresh

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Status: New Idea

yes, this is a dupe, but the previous instances have died.


PLEASE implement the option for a CPE to prefer connecting to a specific AP, but fall back to connect to the highest signal AP.  Lock to AP is no good, causes problems when replacing a radio, and means no failover method.


There are two methods that seem obvious that would suit many of us


1) A list of APs in order of preferred connection.  Even if this had to by manually typed in it would be fine.


2) alter the behavior of the 'Lock to AP' by either changing it's default, or adding a checkbox that said "Connect to other APs in unavailable."


This is a much needed option...

AirMAX v7 needs Live Frequency Change

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Status: New Idea

With Live AirView available, we can decide on a better frequency for the AP in real time without dropping the clients, but do we still have to drop them all to actually change frequencies?  We shouldn't have to!


This one should be pretty simple to do.  The Secondary radio can do the DFS pre-scan for RADAR.  AirSelect already has the methodology for how to inform all the attached clients that the AP is changing frequencies.  And then it's just a matter of saving the change in the system.cfg for the next time the radio is rebooted.