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AirLink - Where is the FAQ or Help Page?

I poked around and it doesnt seem like there is a help page or FAQ section for AirLink.  Am I just missing it?  Or suggested features area?


My specific question is "what does the total capacity mean?"  As an example, if you take the LiteAP AC and put the channel width on 10 MHz it shows a speed of 60.55Mbps and a "total capacity" of 11%.  Does that mean this product can only support:

a)  9 concurrent connections (11% x 9 = 99%)

b) it can only support 9 concurrent connections requesting 100% of their available bandwidth, but can support more if they are using less

c) something else


I suppose a follow up question would be not AirLink per se, but can you recommend a good resource so I can better understand channel width.  Like how many clients can I hook up to a product at 30 MHz (182 Mbps) channel width to a LiteAP AC, with the idea being that most of my clients are going to be using less than 10Mbps but may want to burst demand up to 100+ Mbps.


I'm sure there are other things I'm under utilizing with the AirLink tool as well, so a FAQ would be a great learning resource.  


For feature suggestions (assuming it isnt there) I'd love to be able to put a 30/60/90/120 degree triangle on the map as right now you can put stations in a 360 around a site.

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Re: AirLink - Where is the FAQ or Help Page?

For your capacity question, that figure is related to the capacity of your simulated link versus the maximum capacity of a perfect link in lab conditions. If you have a perfectly clear Fresnel zone and line of sight, zero interference, and 80mhz channel width for a 5ghz link, you can get 100% capacity.

Max concurrent connections are determined by hardware limitations and covered in the airMax FAQ.

Your questions appear to be mostly about client oversubscription on the AP. Given the hardware limit, you can connect up to that many clients and they can utilize as much bandwidth as you set aside. You can employ traffic shaping on the CPE, with burst allowances, to limit each client's bandwidth utilization. Given 60Mbps and 10 clients, with traffic shaping to limit them to 6Mbps each you would max out the capacity if all 10 users were pulling their allowance in full together.

The student guide in my signature below is very helpful in enabling you to understand what you're doing with airLink better.

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