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Bulk Enable IPv6

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We are looking at moving our management networks to IPv6 only and the issue that we are facing is the time required to have our technicians log into all 1000 radios on our network to verify that IPv6 is enabled with SLAAC.


I was hoping for some kind of automated solution for this so that we would not have to. Either:


a) Enabling IPv6 by default instead of having it off by default (so that radio upgrade would turn it on if it wasn't on already);

b) Allowing IPv6 to be mass-enabled through AirControl 2; or,

c) Allowing IPv6 to be mass-enabled via UNMS


Or some other option like a tool specifically to this that we could run? I just want to save the work of manual login to that many devices to check the "IPv6" box.

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Re: Bulk Enable IPv6

UNMS would seem the ideal place to do this. Thoughts?