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Is Ubiquti Airmax and Airfibre Carrier Grade

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I would like your input on the following. Is Ubiquiti wireless products considered Carrier Grade? Do they have 5 9's (99.999%) availability? This question is asked with PtP backhaul solutions in mind. Comparing them to equipment like SIAE, Radwin, Siklu, Metrolinq. 


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Re: Is Ubiquti Airmax and Airfibre Carrier Grade

I would consider the AirFiber as carrier grade. It has a proprietary modulation and is not a wifi solution. The AirFiber radios will transmit even when they detect other signals in the same band as long as you are not using DFS channels. The Airmax products are based on WIFI and would not be carrier grade. WIFI uses the csma/cd and would hold off transmitting when it detects another signal. 

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Re: Is Ubiquti Airmax and Airfibre Carrier Grade

As with any wireless network - or any network in general - this will depend on how you design your network. If you deploy these products with enough margin, then there are many cases on this forum where they have been shown to achieve 99.999% uptime.