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Level of frequency details M365?

The M365 has a 5 MHz frequency granularity.  That really is bad news for the crowded 3.65GHz spectrum. 
It doesn't play nicely with WiMax gear, which allows for efficient use of the spectrum in .25 or .5 Mhz granularity.  In addition, suppose the wisp selects 3.671 GHz, 10 MHz wide.  Now he's hanging into the restricted band by 1Mhz!  How does the FCC approve such a device?  Is there some technical reason these devices can't have .5 or 1 Mhz frequency selection?


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Re: Level of frequency details M365?

These are WiFi devices, not WiMax. They are certified in the same way in the US (FCC).


If you select a channel width that would cause the device to operate beyond 3650-3675(where UBNT devices are certified) you cannot select a frequency that will allow it.



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Re: Level of frequency details M365?

@j2840fl is correct. Non-permitted frequency operation is prohibited.