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NanoStation M5 Mac changer (XW)

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im searched about how to change mac address for nanostation m5, and i found some methods, but all these methods works on XM version cuz XM support fw 5.5.6 and lower or highter, and XW does not support 5.5.6 fw it is support 5.5.7 and highter only, the 5.5.6 fw  allow to change mac address, that XW does not support it !

So is there way to change mac address on Nanostation m5 XW ?!! that support 5.5.7 or highter (xw) !!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: NanoStation M5 Mac changer (XW)

I have the same problem with Bullet M2 (xm Ver:5.5)

After an accidentally damaged Chip contenet (in SPI flash) have changed the SPI chip into Bullet M2. From a working one i copied the content into a new chip. The bricked radio came back into life.But the MAC Address left the same with a working radio. After some googling found a method into U-boot, where possible permanently change the MAC address into flash (setmac command). But after succcessfull boot into graphical interface come the original MAC address for the WLAN card back.

Question: is any possible technique write back the original MAC address Permanently! into NVRAM?

Regards: Balazs

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Re: NanoStation M5 Mac changer (XW)

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