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PBM5 dies after +8 years in harsh enviroment

Hi all, 


Two days ago a friend called me that his internet died. So i went there to check his link. 

His PBM had died, all leds on, water inside. I looked up to see when i placed it there and it must have been over 8 years old. 
(is there a way to check the age ? the mac is 00:27:22:be:5c:85)

Positioned just 50m from the beach, facing south in a country that has over 2760 hours of sun per year. 

In the winter it gets plenty of water (the last 11 days 154mm rain) 
After 8 years of getting beated by UV the housing became brittle and has let water inside. 

I was very supprised that it even survived that long in these conditions. 
As far as i recall, i only once updated the firmware because of wpa2-aes. 
The link never had any issues, never any downtime besides the usual power outages. 

What are your longest lasting links? 

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Re: PBM5 dies after +8 years in harsh enviroment

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We still have radios from the original 00;15 MAC series in production, so installed around 2009 or 2010 - the 00:27 series was the second run of radios IIRC...   The flash eventually has problems and we replace them with AC radios in most cases.   Or they get broken by ice damage, or destroyed by lightning, or run over by the Mongol Hordes - otherwise they just keep on running - really well built stuff ;-)


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