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PicoStation M2 (not HP) as Access Point

Ubiquiti will not send me a copy of the old BeansTalk article on setting up a PicoStation M2 as an access point.  Since they came out with a new HP version, they want me to buy those and throw out the older units, which I am trying to set up for a charitable organization.


Does anyone have a copy of that article that you could send me?  Thanks!  


Please email me:

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Re: PicoStation M2 XS2 (not HP) as AP

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There is not much to set in WebGUI for legacy clients.
channelwidth 20MHZ, WDS disabled, TX Power 15 - 20 dBm. frequency as available (not occupied by neighborhood wifi) e.g. channel 1, 6 or 11.
ip configuration according to your network subnet. static or dhcp.

btw: UBNT doesn't offer support for long time EOL products. even PicoM2 HP (XM) is now EOL since last year.

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