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PowerBeam M5 400 self downloading

Hi Everyone,


i observed something fishy on my PowerBeam M5 400 that without Internet connectivity my device downloading something and which increasing ping ms on my AP.

Can someone help me to figure out why device self sucking bandwidth  when there is no Internet connectivity.

ping.PNGPowerBeam M5 400.PNG

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Re: PowerBeam M5 400 self downloading

So you didn't give any context on how this is used so I'm just going to assume you have a wireless router attached on the lan port of the powerbeam.


Traffic is coming in on wlan0 and exiting lan0 so the device(s) attached to your lan is downloading something.  This is not the powerbeam doing anything it is the device attached to it.  You can use tcpdump tool on the powerbeam via an ssh session to figure out more on what traffic this is.  You'll probably find it is coming from a Content Delivery Network.


Not unusual these days with most devices using the cloud to receive updates or sync files.  Probably want to further check your devices on the lan to see what is using data.  You can disconnect devices one at a time to figure out when the traffic consumption stops.  If you have windows pc you can check through task manager what is using data.

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Re: PowerBeam M5 400 self downloading

device connected throgh switch to my pc and which have only one user that is me also i have checked task manager for network useges but everything showing 0mbps.

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Re: PowerBeam M5 400 self downloading

Why are you using DoD IP space?





You could use something like Glassware or Currports on your Windows computer to help identify the traffic.

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Re: PowerBeam M5 400 self downloading

I thought the same ... why a private person use a public ip space ... ?
The PBE-M5 and all other devices wont load something from the "internet" ... thats ridiculous ...
There is a missconfig on your network ... the IP space is the first thing !