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How much reset can handle a device such as nano station 2 . it is wrong to do 2 or more reset offen ????
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Re: Reset

We r using nanostationM2 The item reset itself coomonly.
My one of friend wrote about it . oNE WEEK LATER WE GET new updated software but it didnt solved our problem.
Nanostation generALLY restart itself.
It is not depending the client number or heat or anything. It is a problem about software there is one code lock processer and item reset itself.
please help us. Our all project shaped by nanostation. If we dont get the solution unfortunatelly we r gonna start to use 2611.
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Re: Reset

You can reset a radio a hundred times a day and it won't hurt it.
"Code lock processer" ? ? ?
Most people don't have reset problems with teh CPE radios. More details?
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