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Suggestions for a outdoor event

Hello all, and thank you in advance for anyone that can assist in suggestions.

It was proposed to me to offer wifi for attendees at a local outdoor event in a small town.

What i know at this point:

1. The farthest throw is 100 yards in any direction.

2. I can mount on a 12' high truss

3. Approx 6000 attendees, most with phones. I am not expecting laptops.

4. Most traffic is assumed to be twitter updates, facebook posts/live streaming (aarrgg), and maybe light email checks.

5. I have access to a microtek router (or could get a edge router if needed). 

6. Im assuming i wouls have to supernet the dchp to accomodate all of the devices.

7. Local isp provider can bring in a oc24, lighting up a single 1g pair sonic ring.

8. Perfect LOS for all attendees.


My questions:

1. Is that enough bandwidth?

2. What sector antennaes and how many should i provide?

3. 2.4g or 5g???? Or both??

4. Can a ubnt edge router handle that many users at once from the sectors, or do i need multiple routers fed by multiple sector antennaes?

5. Being sector antennas, do you put the rocket radios on different radio channels? I can literally put the tower dang near in the center of the event.


If anyone knows the answers to these questions or has suggestions, i would appreciate it. 

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Re: Suggestions for a outdoor event

For 6000 users you need to know the answers to most of these questions yourself.
Is it a one day / weekend event ?

Seems like you need mostly UniFi devices here
( maybe with additional airmax bridges/links and Edgemax routing )
airmax is NOT Wifi
Hire an consultant or ask in UniFi forum:
We all work for KUDOs here.
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Re: Suggestions for a outdoor event

6,000 attendees is quite large and needs a properly planned network to avoid disappointment. I will be honest and say this forum is best suited to providing advice and troubleshooting rather than an in depth network design for an event of this scale; I would advise you to talk to a consultant.
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Re: Suggestions for a outdoor event

This is a big topic, and it requires a lot of information and experience to be successful.   I'll add three links to look at -


The first two are stories on the forum.   The last is a great video talk on building large WiFi systems and how they work - which usually is a huge surprise to people who haven't ever done this.    I would suggest either spending a lot of time getting to know how all this works when you scale things up, or find someone to help you who has done this in the past.


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