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TDMA Performance



I am working on a project where we need many devices to talk via 900 MHz with some strict

timing requirements.  Is there any data available about Rocket M9 performance transmitting

small packets based on the number of clients connected?


For example, if there are 50 clients each with their own Rocket and they want to broadcast

small packets to each other (assuming good signal strength) at 10 hz how many of them will

be dropped?   What would be the typical transmission time?


CSMA solutions won't work because they all start colliding and the transmission time goes

up very quickly.



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Re: TDMA Performance

900Mhz is pretty bad in terms of noise most places we've used it. That would be my primary concern. There's a good chance that it won't meet your requirements just from noise. Also, are you saying that each of the 50 clients will be communicating with each of the other clients 10 times per second?

So 50 clients * 49 packets * 10 times per second = 24,500 pps?

I think that's pushing the limits of what a Rocket M can handle.
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Re: TDMA Performance

Hi Kevo,


Thanks for the response.  It's actually 50 "devices" and each device has a Rocket M.  Each device

will be sending 1 small packet at 10 Hz to be received by all the other devices.  It's just a broadcast

msg.  Each device then needs to support 500 pps (1 out and 49 in at 10 Hz).


The transmission distance is relatively short (< 1500') although there may be obstacles.  Antenna would

have to be omni-directional.




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Re: TDMA Performance

Please don't make multiple topics for the same thing.