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airGateway Review

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So I recently had the chance / time to review / play with the new airGATEWAY.


First off the thing is SMALL, I almost mistook the box as an HP ink jet cartridge! - LOL


It snaps onto the NEW power brick now being supplied with airMAX radios like the NanoStation and NanoBridge.


Personally I would have made it work with the existing powerbrick which of course I have an idea how that could have been done but that is under the bridge now unless they want to offer 2 versions, one that works with the new bricks and one that works with the existing bricks. (doubtful)


OK, here we go:

The interface is pretty much the same as the airROUTER which is nice as why change something that we all like.


So then I proceeded to set up a uniFi, an airROUTER, and an airGATEWAY in the front of my store on channels 1,6,11.


I then walked all around my office with my laptop which is an older building 35' wide x 70' deep with 2 floors.


In the back repair room I was about 65' from the AP shooting through 3 walls, one was a concrete block wall and I was able to pull 15-20 Mbps with the airGATEWAY and about 30+ Mbps with the uniFi but look at the price difference!


I was able to stay connected fine with all three units the entire time.


Of course the uniFi provided the best signal and air rates, then the airROUTER, followed by the airGATEWAY.


But for $18 +/- for an AWESOME AP it gives us the opportunity to offer a free wireless router to customer to compete with cable and DSL providers if we chose.


All in all I like it and plan to begin deploying them soon, soon as I burn through the 50 airROUTERs I just received! - LOL


I am going to guess that Ubiquiti did this more for us to help us be competitive with the free AP's being offered by the big boys than themselves as there can not be a ton of profit in a sub $20 radio?  


But then again there is something to say about volume!



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Re: airGateway Review

Oh my god, Chris is alive Man Happy

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Re: airGateway Review

Thanks for the review! Really looking forward to these things.

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Re: airGateway Review

Great review.

If only these ran UniFi... ;-)