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Registered: ‎08-21-2012

port forwarding with nanostation loco

I'm trying to make the web server in my computer to be seen from the outside net (a small village one). The idea is to access as outside_ip:81 I added port forwarding in router mode:

Private IP - inside_ip
Private Port - 80
Type - TCP
SourceIP/mask - outside_ip/32
PublicIP/mask - outside_ip/32
Port Public - 81

I can't see it from my browser with outside_ip, but it's possible to see it from outside net. Does the port forwarding never work from own browser?? Is it something about configuration of nanostation?? Or OS (GNU/linux)?? Why can see (nmap) 7 open ports from outside, but only 3 from inside??

Thank you!
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Registered: ‎08-21-2012

keep on investigating...

Reading User Guide AirOS, hacking with firewall rules, googling...

I'm still can't access to the web server in my computer through my own computer and external ip. I have no problems accessing with localhost or, but I can't access with, so I can't check if port forwarding is running OK.

From another node in the outside net, it works with
Nanostation loco M5, AirOS 5.5, mode router, NAP activated...
What's wrong?
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Registered: ‎08-21-2012

nat loopback

Ok, I have a name. I want to do 'nat loopback' with my nanostation loco M5 with AirOS 5.5 I find this thread but the iptables doesn't work for my configuration:

I think I need rules in PREROUTING and POSTROUTING. I'm investigating how to do it, but I'll apreciate any help.
In the other hand, the way to save with cfgmtd in the thread is a little dark. Hopefully 'cfgmtd -h' makes easier, but any explanaition would be great.

Thank you