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2 Site linked with LiteBeam - Recommendations

Hello everyone,


I would like to have your help regarding a link instalation between 2 buildings (Main office and remote office).

I'm planing to use 2 LiteBeam 5AC Gen 2 as recomended by the Link tool at Ubnt website.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 20.08.22.png

My only "problem" is that the antenna that it's on the main office at about 80 meters high (its a telecom antenna) is behind these 3 or 4 trees marked on this image:




Will this be a "No-Go" for the link to work? I'm almost 99% sure that the antenna is in line of sight behind those trees.


Can you guys give me some advice? Should it work? We don't have snow on our location, just heavy rain sometimes.

Tks in advance!

Best regards,

Rui Jácome
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Re: 2 Site linked with LiteBeam - Recommendations

It will certainly impact your link performance and availability. Is there any way you can get above or around those trees? If not 2.4 GHz may be worth trying.
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Re: 2 Site linked with LiteBeam - Recommendations

I see several issues; first, you haven't set the AirLink factors

properly; for example, you use an antenna gain of 37dBi; the

maximum gain for this radio is 23dBi, and 20 is more likely.

You also set the radios to 27dBm output; you should not

use full power if you want good performance; set to 24dBm.


These two changes will reduce the signal by about 31dBm--

which is still sufficient for the short link.


But I suspect the trees aren't your only obstacle; there is

a park farther away, and several buildings. A link path

needs to have clearance above all of them--not just a

'view'. In your photo, I see a building in the distance to

the right of the trees; is it possible you could create a

relay to that building and then to the destination?


This is not a path I would attempt 2.4GHz on. It requires

twice the clear space below the path as the 5GHz radio.   Dave

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